Birth Photography, what is it?


When people hear the words “Birth Photography.” It usually comes with a face of confusion, maybe disturbing ideas of what that may involve & a possible invasion of privacy haha… as a mom who has given birth 4 times. I get the birth experience and after having someone photograph my last two births, I came to appreciate and love birth photography so much more. Its not what most think it is. Yes its private… but I pride myself in photographing it modestly and artistically. In a way that you would not be ashamed or nervous to share it with anyone.

Below is a testimony from one of the moms I’ve worked with… and 4 slide shows for you to view to better help you understand what I do.

working-tonight-photographing-this-sweetie_27567070631_oI had never thought about having a photographer capture our birth until I saw images of a birth that Andrea shot. The images were artistic, tasteful and the lighting was beautiful. I booked her immediately! Andrea first shot our maternity pictures and has shot every special occasion since, from birth to birthday parties and yearly family pictures. Andrea providing her time like this is amazing in itself and is proof of her kindness. As a Mother of three and pregnant with her 4th during our delivery, she was a comfort to have in the delivery room. She is on your labor timeline, we had to call her at 2:00 a.m. and she rushed to our side, staying until 10:00 a.m. to get every shot. She was respectful of our privacy during the delivery, we didn’t even know when she was taking pictures, she was like a little butterfly around the room. She pushed me when I needed pushing and made my husband laugh when he needed it. She is our family photographer and friend and I recommend her to everyone! Having her photograph our birth was the best decision we made! Precious memories we have captured in beautiful images! Add her to your hospital to do list now!-Melissa and Rick Baker | Payne

Birth of Cavanaugh from Andrea Wood on Vimeo.

Baby Levi's Birth from Andrea Wood on Vimeo.

Ryders Birth – 12-19-2016 from Andrea Wood on Vimeo.

Brooke's Birth – Intown Midwifery from Andrea Wood on Vimeo.

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