My business started in 2007, after a friend encouraged me to just do it. She saw something in me that I didn’t see and after a frustrating photoshoot I had done in a local mall with my 2 year old and newborn baby. I was convinced any photoshoot involving a toddler and baby, needed to be either in a persons home, or outside on location, in a more relaxed setting. I started out doing portrait shoots for various families. Eventually branched out into wedding photography and some commercial work for a wonderful company called Boba. After a decade of business and lots of learning, growing & discovering my niche & personal loves in photography. I have found myself to be utterly in love with lifestyle portrait and event work. Off the cuff, real moments.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 3.32.44 PMMy style is relaxed. I direct when needed and allow the rest to just happen naturally depending on what/who I am photographing.

I specialize in Birth Photography (something that some may not understand or get, or even want to get.) Yet, once they see and understand what I do. They almost always love it. I love capturing those first hello’s. They are priceless.

Feel free to look around my facebook for recent work or the blog.

You can also read more about “Birth Photography” & what that involves OVER HERE.

My service areas include the Columbia/Lexington, SC areas. I only offer birth shoots within an hour of my home. Any farther than that it gets a bit tricky with timing. I also offer portrait/event work in the Charlotte, NC, Charleston, SC & Atlanta, Augusta, GA areas.

You can e-mail me at fromdrea@gmail.com with any comments or questions.

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